Glims Farmstead Museum

Glims Farmstead Museum is situated in the well preserved cultural landscape of Karvasmäki village, where farms and holdings were already established in the Middle Ages. The 11 buildings that make up the museum are in their original locations. The oldest ones are the storage shed and the main building, both from the 18th century.

From the 1500s at the latest until the beginning of the 20th century Glims was a working farm. Glims also served as an inn and hostelry from 1778 to 1822 and from 1891 to 1901. Glims has been a museum since 1958.

Located in the middle of modern-day Espoo, Glims still offers its visitors a glimpse of the countryside. The museum organises exhibitions and events all year round. Additionally, Glims offers a variety of guided tours, which can be booked by calling the museum during its opening hours.

Welcome to explore how people used to live in Espoo in the past!

Animals rule at Glims from 11 April 2017 to 28 Feb. 2018 2017-04-05
The new exhibition of the Glims Farmstead Museum highlights the relationship between people and animals now and in the past. You can share your animal photos on Instagram with the hashtag #animalsinespoo to include them in the exhibition.
Published 2012-04-10 9:18 , updated 2017-05-02 12:18