As an experiment, the city museum’s main exhibition has been digitized. The exhibition ‘A thousand stories in Espoo’ was digitized with 3D mapping equipment by Dimensium Oy. The result was then shown to schoolchildren and elderly for evaluation. The experiment showed that the digitized service can reach new customer groups, complement experience of the real life exhibition and be of help to potential spectators who cannot get to the spot.
The new exhibition of the Glims Farmstead Museum highlights the relationship between people and animals now and in the past. You can share your animal photos on Instagram with the hashtag #animalsinespoo to include them in the exhibition.



Espoo City Museum

Espoo City Museum was founded in1958. Today 4 museums are included in our Museum family: KAMU in the Exhibition centre WeeGee, the Glims Farmstead Museum,  the Lagstad School Museum and theVilla Museum Villa Rulludd. The Pentala Archipelago Museum is being planned and it will open to the public gradually.